Private hire for yourself a totally secure 3 acre field which has a carpark and double gated entrance making it really easy to load/unload dogs in and out the car. There's some fun agility equipment, training platforms, picnic benches, water tap and a poo bin, please bring your own toys as these are not provided.

Why not treat your fur babies to a perfect day out and hire privately for 55 mins you can share with friends or have the place to yourself for peace and quiet.

We also hold a regular friendly off lead play every Tuesday/Thursday for small/medium dogs to have fun and make furriends, it's a great way to socialise your fur babies and great fun to watch. All dogs must be friendly with other dogs and we don't accept aggressive dogs.

Keep a watch for the same breed dogs off lead play which we put on occasionally and see if your dogs breed comes up as these are fab to attend.

If your dog enjoys playing with others why not try our doggy daycare were we have loads of fun outdoor activities and a fab indoor play area.

The fur babies have freedom to choose what they'd like to do, play, chase, fetch, hide, watch, race, zoom around or they can just chill, relax, snuggle or sleep upstairs in our warm cosy room, lounge on one of the many settees dotted around upstairs/downstairs.

We have a separate feeding quarters so your puppy can enjoy their feed without  getting disturbed. Your dogs are never let alone and all our staff are qualified at level 3 in animal care  and have a genuine love for all dogs. Also we have been accepted by various colleges to provide work placements for students studying animal care or similar  which has proved to be very successful. If any students are wanting to be placed on a work placement please contact us.

We don't accept any dangerous dog breeds or any dogs that display aggression or dominance, all male dogs must be neutered to attend unless a puppy.  Vaccinations and kennel cough booster must be up to date.

Please message or call to arrange daycare

Paddling pools aren’t just for children, got one for the dogs to cool off too. Agility poles, dog jumps , dog jump hoop, training platform and recall field all

Perfect place to bring your dog/s to hire the bark park all for yourself or with your friends.

Poo bin on site , water tap , hose pipe

Totally secure and safe, with plenty of agility equipment and toys . Picnic bench for owners to sit at and watch their dogs run around.

There’s plenty of parking outside the dog park with own car park outside the dog field

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