I started my business dog walking/doggy daycare from home 6yrs ago which I loved. When walking more than 1 dog you are constantly watching out for joggers other walkers etc as when you can let your dogs off the lead. I was always looking for quiet areas to walk my pack, which was difficult to find. I made it my goal to find somewhere I could let the dogs run around totally safe and secure and for myself to enjoy watching them. I thought if I felt like this there must be other dog owners/walkers feeling the same way.

So I set off looking to purchase some land to create a dog park, just for dogs to run/play safely and owners to enjoy and relax without the fear of bumping into others. I found myself a house /outdoor building and land from an online auction.

Perfect , now to start creating a bark park. Found tyres at the roadside so sprayed them all colours and made planks to walk across, found tree stumps to put in the park, the dogs love all the different smells of the park.

Paddling pools aren’t just for children, got one for the dogs to cool off too. Agility poles, dog jumps , dog jump hoop, training platform and recall field all

Perfect place to bring your dog/s to hire the bark park all for yourself or with your friends.

Poo bin on site , water tap , hose pipe

Totally secure and safe, with plenty of agility equipment and toys . Picnic bench for owners to sit at and watch their dogs run around.

There’s plenty of parking outside the dog park with own car park outside the dog field

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